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Hi! I'm Claire.

Thank you for being here.

I’ve been organizing since I can remember. As a little girl, organizing for myself, my family, and my friends provided me with a sense of calm. To me, organizing is anything but a chore. It’s truly my love language, and I view it as one of my greatest gifts.

When I left my childhood home for college, I moved into a 100-person sorority house where we moved rooms quarterly. I drilled down and discovered my “essentials,” a process that thrilled me. After graduation, I moved from Seattle to New York City where I lived for seven years. During that period I moved six times. I always had roommates, and in 2013 I moved in with my now partner, A.J.  This is all to say that I’ve had years of practice in refining home necessities, combining households, and discovering what brings happiness for both myself and others. When we moved back to the Pacific Northwest in June of 2016, A.J. and I decided to make a cross-country road trip out of it. It was pretty hilarious packing up all our NYC belongings into our new Mazda, but babes, we made it work. Since our move to Seattle, we’ve lived in five different homes. I’m happy to say that every single move went smoothly, and each space we’ve occupied has felt like home. I know for sure it’s because of the principles and techniques I’ve learned and developed over time. I walk my talk on my own organizational journey, and it would be an honor to help you on yours.  

While I lived in New York City, I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Believe it or not, there are so many similarities between one-on-one training and organizing. Both are personal, intimate, and have a tendency to feel intimidating.  But at the root, they’re very simple and straightforward. To set you up for success, my job is to create programs and systems that are right for YOU - your life, your needs, your goals. Creating a system that aligns with you is what allows you to actually maintain it.

I’m a big picture gal who lives in possibility. I love to create solutions and systems that support my clients. This isn’t one size fits all. Of course there are tried and true methods that can be applied to any situation, but I will design a system and a blueprint that fits you and your unique life story. Through one-on-one coaching, action plans, and follow-up sessions we’ll get you feeling at home in your space and ultimately in your body and mind - it’s all connected.

Think of me as your friend. We are going to have fun together. There may be laughter, there may even be tears, but know there’s nothing we can’t tackle together. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or stuck while organizing, but that’s what I’m here for. I’ve got you. You’ve got this. You can do it!